Poverty2Prosperity (P2P) Donations

Since Poverty2Prosperity.org is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible. For a description of any of our funds, please see the Funds Summary page.

Donating to P2P's Single Parents Fund

Single parents are often disadvantaged as they are required to both care for their children and are also responsible for providing the financial support for the family. Worldwide, there are about 320 million children living in single parent households. Our Single Parents fund is aimed at providing support for these parents who are looking for a help-out rather than a hand-out in the form of zero-percent interest loans to get a job and keep a job AND also to provide a stable and safe home environment for their children. A single parent who has a job and care for their children is more likely to education their children as well helping them to break the cycle of poverty as well.

Donating to P2P's General Fund

P2P's General Fund is primarily used for making micro-loans. However, funds donated to this account may also be used for other poverty-alleviating projects from time to time as P2P sees value and maximum effect. For example, P2P has also been involved in raising funds for the Mirembe Community College program in Uganda in 2009 and again in 2011. We helped bring about a cooking/catering school, beauty school, and post graduation programs. We can also use funds in this account to help launch new funds.

Donating to P2P's Artisans Fund (supports artists)

Artisans have some of the highest repayment rates of any loans we currently make. For example, one of our partners, Novica, has a 100% repayment rate so far! That's not a single defaulted loan in over 9 years! Because these artists are selling their goods, more often than not, they repay their loans back to us EARLY!

Donating to the Women's Only Fund (supports women entrepreneurs)

The funds in this account will be used to fund loans to women exclusively. 70% of women and their families are living in poverty. There are good reasons to loan to women who do not have access to traditional credit. Repayment rates for microloans made to women are higher than men. On average, women reinvest 80% of their income in the well-being of their children and working women are more likely to educate their daughters than men.

Donating to P2P's USA Fund (supports USA-only borrowers)

The P2P USA Fund is exclusively for USA-only borrowers.

Donating to P2P's Agriculture Fund

Access to quality, nutritious food is fundamental to human existence. Secure access to food can produce wide ranging positive impacts including economic growth and job creation. Farmers are a robust source of jobs for others. Supporting farmers supports communities in so many ways.

Donating to the Education Fund (supports tuition fees and education providers)

Although P2P was focused on funding business/entreprenurial loans, we now realize that there is definitely another way to break the cycle of poverty and that's through education. The Education Fund was created to help support those people who were seeking a loan for tuition fees, school supplies, and to education providers as well.

Donating to the Personal Housing Fund (supports stable housing)

This P2P fund is dedicated to funding loans for Personal Housing. We believe that having a stable housing situation can help foster the ability of an entire family to help lift themselves out of poverty. With stable housing, things like getting and keeping a job, starting a business, and getting an education are all much more easily attainable.

Donating to the Youth Fund (supports 24 & under)

Young adults need opportunities to work. By allowing them to access affordable loans for businesses we give them options! Typically, young adults have less experience and fewer resources. With a micro-loan, they have real choices.

Donating to P2P's SOS Loan Fund (supports loans that are in danger of expiring)

The P2P SOS Loan fund uses donations to strive to keep older loans from expiring and going unfunded. Because this fund is so strategically-minded and focused on a specific type of loan, it is not limited to a 10% maximum distribution in any one country.

Donating to P2P's Honor/Memorial Wall Fund

P2P has created an Honor/Memorial Wall Fund to help folks honor and/or remember loved ones in a way that honors the people that they were by spreading kindness around the world through a help-out rather than a hand-out. Since the P2P funds average a 99+% repayment rate, this perpetual fund will go indefinitely into the future helping the working poor one person after another. For details on listing a person on the Honor/Memorial Wall.