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Latest P2P Loan (Artisans Fund)

This is one of our latest loans in our Artisans Fund that supports artists who have some of the highest repayments rates across all of our funds. One of our partners that specializes in artist loans has a 100% repayment rate for over 10 years now - not one single cent of defaults. Pictured is Anzurat from Tajikistan who received a loan from P2P on a 39 month repayment plan. Loan funds were disbursed to her on April 28th, 2023 and she was able to pay back her loan in full in just FIVE months! "Anzurat successfully repaid her loan. Due to you she bought more fabric and sewing supplies. Anzurat sewed more dresses for sale and increased her income. She is grateful for your kindness!"
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Poverty2Prosperity (P2P)

Poverty2Prosperity (P2P) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based 501(c)(3) non-profit microfinance organization engaged in the goal of alleviating and breaking the cycle of poverty by providing 0% interest loans to the working poor. We are a 100% volunteer organization which helps to keep our overhead low - 97% of donations go directly into making loans. We have made over 50,000 loans with a 99% repayment rate.

P2P is focused on providing 0% interest loans to developing-world entrepreneurs who do not otherwise have access to working capital from traditional banks and credit institutions. By providing a 'help out' rather than a 'hand out,' these loans form the basis of a renewable source of economic stimulus; once the loan is paid back, it can be re-loaned to another deserving entrepreneur. During our first ten years, we've expanded our funds to include those specifically for Education, Women, Youth (24 and under), Single Parents, USA-Borrowers, and Personal Housing, all things that help people break the cycle of poverty by giving them the ability to get a job and keep a job (besides employing others, caring for others, and also giving children the opportunity to get an education and have a safe place to live).

Why is this so Amazing?

Here's what's amazing and why you should be interested. When you make a donation to an organization it spends it on goods and services for the cause they support. The difference with P2P is that we are making 0% loans and that means that the money you donated is re-paid back to P2P - AND we loan it right out again to another entrepreneur trying to work their way out of poverty.

That's not even the truly amazing part. What's truly amazing is that our repayment rate over the past ten years is 98.99%. Let us put it in these terms; We received an initial donation when we founded P2P of $1,000. That donation is still funding loans today and at our current repayment rate, it will for about another 90 years. Have you ever heard of making a donation that keeps helping people over and over for about 100 years? We like to call it a renewable economic resource, because that's exactly what it is.

P2P follows an asset allocation/protection plan when funding loans and we all borrowers are vetted ahead of time. We support loans to Agriculture/Food Production, Food Transportation, Clothing, Education, Health, Manufacturing, Arts, Construction, Housing, Renewable Energy, and more while avoiding some loans such as cigarette sales, liquor, pubs, and non-renewable energy source (e.g. charcoal).

Our Perpetual Funds

P2P has a number of funds it manages from general loaning funds to specific funds (that also provide poverty-relief) such as those for women only, USA borrowers, education/tuition fees, single parents, personal housing, youth (24 and under), and even a Honor/Memorial Wall fund to honor those we love. We even have individually named funds from donations for individuals who wanted to be able to track their donations in a single fund. We call most of these accounts, Perpetual Funds, because once funds are deposited into them, they cannot be removed. Please see our Funds Page for a listing of all of our funds with descriptions.

Donate Now! Make a donation that's going to work hard for about 100 years

It's simple - we need more donations so we can fund more loans at a time. There are deserving loans going unfunded at this time and we'd like to be able to do something about it. Don't trust us because we ask you to, trust us because of our results. Ten years of loaning and a 99.44% repayment rate. P2P is a US registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. You can make a donation to any of our funds via our Donations Page.