Poverty2Prosperity.org (P2P) Lending Team on Kiva

Poverty2Prosperity has a lending team on Kiva and you can help support P2P's presence there by joining the team and making your loans count towards P2P's team standings. Our team has made over $2.5 million in loans!

About Team Lending

When you participate on a lending team on Kiva, all of your loans always remain your own loans and when they are repaid, those funds are credited to your account as Kiva credit. There are no team funds. Your team will receive a virtual point in the standings whenever you make a loan.

Get Your Free Lender Bracelet

Get a free green "I'm a Kiva Loaner" bracelet as shown below when you make a $50 donation to any of our funds.

Joining Team P2P

You can join Team P2P by following the Join Team P2P link below. We'd love to have you aboard. We have a fun group of people so far and there are some very good Kiva resources posted to our message board that you will want to check out.

Click Here To Join Team P2P

Much thanks to the kindness of our current P2P Lending Team members