Poverty2Prosperity (P2P) Memorial Wall

Poverty2Prosperity has created a Memorial Wall Fund to help folks remember loved ones in a way that honors the people that they were by spreading kindness around the world through a help-out rather than a hand-out. Since the P2P funds average about a 99% repayment rate, this perpetual fund will go indefinitely into the future helping the working poor one person after another. Donations may be made through the Donations Page. The Memorial Wall account can be found here: Click Here.

The minimum donation to have a person listed on the wall is $100. Colors denote donation levels: $100 - $250 - $500 - $1000 or more

The fund will follow the standard asset allocation protection plan that regular P2P funds use when selecting loans.

The Memorial Wall (Perpetual Fund) Honorees
In Loving Memory...

Cassandre Jade by Scott P. & Elle C.
Susanne Chassay by Scott P.
Linda B. Klein by Anthony Gooch
Roy Smith by Scott P.
Dennis George Powers Scott by Scott P & Elle C.
Vader, the Black Lab by The Chaterson Clan
Sirius, the Black Lab by The Chaterson Clan
Mrs. Lau-Yu Lau by Donald and Dorothy Chan
Susanne Chassay by Tracy Dorfman
Milton J. Canis by Wendy Cook
Nellie by the Chaterson Clan
Emma by the Chaterson Clan
Bella by the Chaterson Clan
Cassandre Jade by Gayatri Devi
Sybil Gibson by Tim Gibson
Tony Gooch by Marsha Richins
Tony Gooch
My beautiful sister, Cassandre Jade by Gayatri Devi
Susan KJ Thielen by the Chan Kramer Family
Susan KJ Thielen by Lily Bee, Elle, and Scott
Lily Li by Donald & Dorothy Chan
For my sister, Cassandre Jade by Gayatri Devi... Wish You Were Here <3